Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kale Chips

Recipes for kale chips and blog posts about the same have recently taken over the internet.  Not to jump on the kale chip bandwagon, but they are everything that other bloggers have claimed - addictive, delicious, crispy, easy to make, and fairly healthy.  This is our fourth batch of kale from the CSA and every week I intended to make kale chips.  And then somehow I would forget about the kale entirely and/or use the kale to make something else.  But this week I put Alex in charge of making some kale chips and told him to knock himself out coming up with different spice mixtures to sprinkle over the chips.  We made one batch with just sea salt; one batch with a mixture of coriander, cayenne, and sea salt; and a final batch with smoked paprika and sea salt.  All of them were delicious, although I probably preferred the batches with spices to the plain sea salt batch.  If we had any Old Bay seasoning in the apartment I would have demanded a batch with Old Bay, but what can you do?

Recipe after the jump!

Kale Chips

10 large kale leaves, rinsed, dried, center ribs and stems removed, and cut into 2-inch pieces
1 tbsp evoo
sea salt
spices (we used a mix of coriander and cayenne on one batch, and smoked paprika on another)

Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.  Toss kale with oil in a large bowl.  Spread kale out on two large rimmed baking sheets.  Sprinkle with salt and whatever spices you desire.  Bake until crisp, about 20 minutes.  Don't overcook or the kale will become bitter.  

Serve warm, or cool.

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