Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reasons why jury duty in NYC doesn't totally suck...

Actually, there are really only two reasons.  First, you're not in the office and the days are shorter (now this can backfire because I had to go into the office after jury duty two out of three days, which made the days much longer).  Second, you are right next to Chinatown and every day you have at least an hour lunch break.  So I took it upon myself to eat at a new Chinese restaurant for lunch every day (some old favorites and one new restaurant) and to have a dan tat taste off (my favorite Portuguese-style dan tat at Double Crispy versus the traditional dan tat at Bread Talk pictured above).  For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, dan tat are Chinese egg custard tarts and they are pictured above.  I heart dan tatSerious Eats did a taste taste last August and they judged the ones at Bread Talk to be the best, so I had to give them a shot.  In the end I preferred the Portuguese-style dan tat from Double Crispy (I thought the texture of the creamy filling was better as well as the flaky, buttery crust).  I was actually somewhat sad when my jury duty stint ended yesterday because I had one more restaurant (and one more dan tat bakery) picked out to try.  Oh well!  I'm sure Alex and I will go down there soon enough.

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