Monday, January 7, 2013

Restaurants to Try for 2013 and My Favorite Restaurants of 2012

My restaurants that I am dying to try in 2013 (in no particular order, except that restaurants that have been on the list since last year are at the top) are:
  1. Brooklyn Fare (still dying to go, even more so after seeing the meal that Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert had there on the last episode of No Reservations)
  2. Locanda Verde
  3. Torrisi Italian Specialities and Parm
  4. Empellon Cocina
  5. Pok Pok NY and Pok Pok Phat Thai
  6. Biang
  7. Red Farm (they are opening an UWS location in the old Fatty Crab space and I have really high hopes for it)
  8. The Marrow
  9. Roberta's and Blanca (also attributing this addition to the last episode of No Reservations and the meal that Anthony Bourdain had there)
  10. Acme
Runners Up:  M. Wells Dinette, Pig and Khao, Sripraphai, Boulud Sud, Yunnan Kitchen, Red Rooster

**SPOILER ALERT - Alex and I hit one of the runners up last night and it was phenomenal.  More on that later

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My favorite restaurants that I tried for the first time in 2012 (again, in no particular order) were:
  1. Fatty Cue
  2. Empellon Taqueria
  3. Uchiko (random because this is in Austin, Texas, but it was so amazing that it has to make the list)
  4. Talde
  5. Recette
  6. City Grit (I'm not sure that this really counts, since it is a supper club, but I am including it anyway)
  7. Mission Chinese Food
  8. Zabb Elee
  9.  Ayada Thai
  10.  ABC Kitchen (the meals I have had here have been slightly uneven, but there were enough delicious elements in each meal for it to make the list)

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  1. There are indeed a lot of good restaurants to try out there. And that is some list you have! I wonder what is your criteria for picking these restaurants though. Of course, the food is the topmost factor to consider. But what else? Anyway, thank you for listing them! I'm sure your readers will have a fair idea of what restaurants to try next time!
    Lawrie @ Jolie\'s Louisiana Bistro