Friday, April 9, 2010

Epic fail...

Tonight was our first (although I'm sure it won't be our last) epic blog post fail.  While in Chinatown last week I bought a whole duck.  I figured we deboned a whole chicken last week - why not try a duck?  Ambitious?  Maybe.  But it seemed do-able.  And when I saw pre-made steamed buns in the freezer and refrigerator section at the same grocery store I started to get ideas about Peking Duck and how delicious that would be.  So I went home and I found a recipe for Hoisin Lime Roast Duck that seemed promising - not quite Peking duck, but close enough.  Last night we whipped up the marinade and marinated it overnight in the fridge.  Then we took it out this evening and roasted it.  When we took it out of the oven it looked and smelled delicious.  After allowing it to rest for 10 minutes, we started trying to carve it.  I'm not exactly sure where we went wrong here. 

The duck was nearly meatless.  The duck breast was less than 3/4 of an inch thick and a thick fat cap accounted for maybe 1/2 of that.  Now I don't mind duck skin if it's crispy, even if there's some significant fat attached, but when it is straight up fat, that just doesn't do it for me.  Not only was the skin completely not crispy, it also had very little flavor.  Seeing as the duck marinated for almost 24 hours I really expected there to be a lot more flavor.  If the skin had little to no flavor, the meat was even less flavorful.  And then the steamed buns were hard.  Bummer.

So instead of duck, we're now eating peanut butter crackers.  We tried to make mac n cheese and then realized that we didn't have any milk either since Alex finished it off earlier today.  Epic fail.

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