Sunday, June 13, 2010

Japanese Block Fair

By some random chance, there was a Japanese Block Fair that ended up on Broadway right next to our apartment.  Alex actually saw something about it online so we knew it was coming, but I had forgotten all about it by this morning.  I wandered there this morning with the dog while they were finishing setting up and decided that instead of cereal for breakfast, we would have pork buns, udon noodles, and the okonomiyaki from Go!Go!Curry (pictured above).  So we wandered on down to Broadway around 11:30am and gorged ourselves on Japanese food.  It was way better than a bowl of Cornflakes.

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We started off with the BBQ pork buns and corn croquettes from WasanNY (pictured above), then wandered over to Go!Go!Curry! for their Japanese curry rice and okonomiyaki (a grilled pancake full of cabbage, scallions, egg, etc. and topped with a sweet and spicy sauce, and shredded seaweed).  While we were waiting in line at Go!Go!Curry! I ran over to another booth for their spicy crab udon with pork belly.  Then we had some beef on a stick sold by some crazy skinny Japanese women in itty bitty tiger bikinis/outfits and lime green wigs.  It looked like a hot dog and it kind of tasted like a hot dog, but that's ok.  We finished off our Japanese street food meal a pork yakitori skewer from Hakata TonTon and some green tea ice cream from Cafe Zaiya.  My favorite part of the meal was the pork yakitori skewer from Hakata TonTon.  The pork was grilled and dipped in some sweet sauce hot off the grill, before being dusted with sesame seeds.  It was delicious.  A close second to the pork was the okonomiyaki, which I thought might actually have been better than the version served at Otafuku, which is pretty impressive.  Alex's favorite thing was the BBQ pork bun from Wasan.  They are opening a restaurant soon, so they told us to keep our eye on their blog for more details.  They served their pork bun with some spicy mustard.  It was really nice.  Apparently Wasan makes the rounds of all of the NYC street fairs, so keep your eyes peeled the next time you stumble across one! 

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