Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hester Street Fair

If you are like most Americans (or at least if you are like me), poffertjes are probably not something you eat on a regular basis.  Up until a few years ago, I had never even heard of poffertjes.  But Alex lived in the Netherlands for a few years while he was in elementary school so he knew all about them.  As a side note, for those of you who have never heard of poffertjes, they are delicious little Dutch pancake thingies.  During out first trip to Aruba Alex and I happened across a little Dutch pancake restaurant that just happened to serve poffertjes.  I think we had them at least three times the week that we were there.  But they were nowhere to be found in NYC, at least not until a few weeks ago when I got an email from Tasting Table about a couple who had started a business, called the Poffertjes Man, and brought pofferjes to NYC.  Needless to say we were pretty freaking excited.  So we trekked down to the Hester Street Fair this morning, only to find out that they weren't there this morning.  Boo!  Alex said that he looked at the Hester Street Fair website on Wednesday, August 31 and saw that the food lineup didn't include the Poffertjes Man, but he assumed that they were only missing for Wednesday's market.  If he had only looked a little further he would have realized that the market is only on Saturdays.  And they post the lineup for the upcoming Saturday market every week on Wednesdays.  Oops.  So really, I blame him for getting me all excited (and for getting himself all excited), only to realize that they weren't even there today.  

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We ended up trying a few of the different vendors because we were both starving - a spicy pork bun from Bang Buns, some tacos and a tamale from Brooklyn Tacos, coffee from Wonder City Coffee & Donut Bar, and the Shaved Ice Shop.  And while the lack of poffertjes was a little disappointing, the other food options certainly were not.  Everything was actualy quite good.  We started off with the pork bun, which was different from your typical Momofuku-style pork belly bun because the pork was slightly spicy (and I'm fairly sure it wasn't pork belly inside) and the cucumbers, carrots and cilantro inside made it feel much lighter.  Plus the sauce inside was totally different.  It was really good.  Then we moved onto a chilorio brisket taco, a chorizo taco and the bean and cheese tamale from Brooklyn Tacos.  The brisket taco was the better of the two tacos because the chorizo didn't have enough spice to it, but the tamale was really good too.  Alex thinks that the brisket taco was actually one of the best beef tacos he has ever had.  Then for dessert we tried the Taiwanese-style shaved ice from the Shaved Ice Shop (pictured above) was delicious - light and fluffy shaved ice topped with condensed milk, three toppings (I chose caramel corn, strawberries and homemade matcha mochi) and ice cream (green tea ice cream).  I know that if you're really into traditional Taiwanese bao bing you have to get beans and grass jelly in your shaved ice, but I just can't do beans as dessert and I'm not into the jelly.  Count me out. 

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