Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cascabel Taqueria

So after a lot of coin flipping (yes, that is how we chose what kind of food we wanted to eat tonight, although we got it down to tapas and Mexican through more conventional methods) and phone calls to determine what restaurants were open on the Fourth, we ended up at Cascabel Taqueria on the UES.  The funny thing is that it's actually only a block or two away from Luke's Lobster, where we went for lunch, so we ended up on the UES twice in one day for food, which is amusing because we have only traveled over to the UES to eat at a restaurant three times in the 2 plus years we have been living on the UWS - twice to Luke's and once to Cascabel and all three times within the past 2 months.  Alex said that we also went to dinner at Mia Dona a year and a half ago, but I kind of think of that area as Midtown East, rather than the UES.  Whatever.  My point still remains - we do not go to the UES to eat dinner because there is no need.  Or rather there was no need until Luke's Lobster moved up there a few months ago.  And until we discovered Cascabel.  Because Cascabel was awesome - the decor was super fun (luchador masks, and Mexican wrestling references everywhere) and the food is delicious.  It also has a great beer list and a nice tequila selection, but that's beside the point.

Tonight at Cascabel Alex and I started with the guacamole.  We literally can't set foot anywhere near a Mexican restaurant without ordering guacamole because it is Alex's favorite thing in the whole world (aside from pork belly).  Cascabel's guacamole isn't the best fresh guacamole that I have ever tasted, but it is solid.  Then we moved onto the tacos and shared the carnitas, the lengua (tongue), and the pollo chipotle.  Alex and I both agreed that the tongue was our favorite taco.  It was very tender, and incredibly flavorful.  The carnitas was our second favorite - it was a little dry, but the flavor was really nice.  I also loved that they topped the pork with puffed rice, and pickled red onion.  Yum.  The chicken tacos were nice and also flavorful, but not quite as good as the others (although I really appreciated the avocado on top).  We finished our meal with the elote asado (grilled Mexican corn), which was delicious.  I guess we're just going to have to make our peace with the bus ride from the UWS to the UES because we will certainly be heading back to Cascabel in the near future.

Pictures after the jump!

**NOTE:  In the picture of the tacos, from left to right we have the pollo chipotle, the carnitas, and the lengua tacos.

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