Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Amsterdam Market

Even though it was blazing hot outside yesterday, Alex and I decided to visit New Amsterdam Market down at the South Street Seaport.  Although I have only been to the market twice (due to the fact that it is currently a monthly market and it's quite a trek to get there), it is one of my favorite places in NYC.  There are so many great restaurants that serve food there, as well as a ton of other farms, vendors, cheesemongers, etc. with amazing products for sale.  So we wandered on down there Saturday and had a delicious lunch, and then bought some random stuff.  By the time we got down there we were hot, sweaty, and starving so the most important order of business was food and something cold to drink.  The first thing we got (and potentially my favorite thing we ate there) was the fried corn (pictured above) from Marlow & Daughters.  They served the corn with some cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh chives, and a nice slice of watermelon.  It was delicious and oh so summery.  The corn had a wonderful texture and taste from being fried, and the fresh tomatoes and basil just lightened and brightened it all up.  I loved that corn.  Then we followed up the corn with another of our absolute favorite summer meals - lobster rolls from Luke's Lobster.  I'm not sure if the lobster rolls that they serve at the market are as good as the ones they serve at their restaurants, but if not, they are damn close.  Luke's consistently has the longest lines at the market, and once you take a bite of one of their lobster rolls you totally understand why.  We capped off our lunch with a mini porchetta sandwich from Porchetta, zucchini flatbread and blackberry-basil lemonade from Great Performances, and a barlett pear shaved ice from People's Pops.

Then we swung over to Third Rail Coffee so Alex could pick up some Stumptown coffee, and I wandered the market tasting things and buying random things.  Courtesy of my randomness we now have some fantastic sweet corn, a gorgeous heirloom tomato, two confit duck legs, and some hot Italian sausage in the fridge.  Yum.

More pictures after the jump!

Luke's Lobster
Waiting in Line at Luke's Lobster

Mother-In-Law Kimchi (radish kimchi - gazpacho-style and cucumber and chive kimchi)


People's Pops - making shaved ice with huge ice blocks and then this nifty shaver thingie
Fresh produce - isn't it gorgeous?

Basil, tomatoes, and wildflowers

Close-up of the heirloom tomatoes

Bobo chickens - I almost bought one, but we weren't heading straight home and I didn't want to lug a whole chicken all over the city...

Gorgeous onions, garlic and squash

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