Saturday, April 23, 2011

Food Gallery 32

This weekend instead of heading to Chinatown for lunch, we decided to go to Koreatown (aka K-town) and try out a new food court called Food Gallery 32.  A few of my friends have raved about Food Gallery 32 recently, so I was pretty excited to finally check it out.  We looked at a few reviews on different websites, including Serious Eats, Yelp, Eater and Midtown Lunch and there were a few common recommendations - LA kalbi and kimchi jiggae (kimchi stew) from Hanok, spicy pork teppanyaki from O-De-Ppang!,  and jjajangmyun (Korean blackbean noodles) from Jin Jja Roo.  For once Alex and I agreed on the order in which we ranked the dishes - the spicy pork teppanyaki was best, followed closely by the kalbi (pictured above), then the kimchi jiggae and the jjajangmyun were further behind.  I've never hard jjajangmyun before and I can't say that I was a particularly big fan of it.  The dish is also a bit ugly, which you can see in the picture below and the flavors just weren't all that spectacular.  It seemed rather heavy and a little boring to me.  But the spicy pork teppanyaki was a little sweet, a little spicy and overall very flavorful.  I also loved the simple green salad they served with it.  The ginger dressing was delicious.  The kalbi was a close second - sweet, a little fatty and perfectly charred.  It was really really good kalbi (frankly much better than I had expected from a food court).  The kimchi jiggae was good, but it just couldn't compete with the spicy pork and the kalbi.  I really wanted to try out the crepe place, but after eating all that food we were pretty stuffed.  We had already ordered so much food that we barely touched the jjajangmyun which we ended up bringing home with us.

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