Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kin Shop's Lamb and Goat Curry Burger

I know that this picture is woefully out of focus (sneaking in a quick picture on your iPhone will do this to you sometimes), but the burger was so good that I have to post it anyway.  As part of Eater's Burgerweek, a bunch of NYC restaurants that don't typically serve burgers have debuted special limited edition burgers available this week and next week only.  Today when I found myself in the West Village around lunchtime I started thinking about how wonderful Kin Shop sounded for lunch.  And then once I found myself there, I was powerless to resist their Lamb and Goat Curry Burger.  It was freaking fantastic.  Imagine this - a goat and lamb brisket burger patty seasoned with Panang curry paste topped with chili jam, yellow bean aioli, pickled onions and crumbled fried taro root served on a homemade sriracha bun.  The bun was griddled so that it was toasted and crispy on the interior.  Plus it was rather fabulously flavored with sriracha.  And the burger itself was insanely juicy.  It was nowhere near as gamey as I thought it would be.  If I hadn't already known that it was goat I'm not sure what meat I would have thought the burger consisted of, but I wouldn't have guessed goat.  And the fried taro root on top of the burger gave it a wonderful additional textural note.  I'm totally bummed that this burger isn't going to be on the menu after next week, but I'm pretty excited that I got to try it as I might try to rip off some of the components for a curry burger of my own!

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